Istanbul to Constantinople

My, things do get exciting when God’s at the wheel, and never was that more visible than this past week. At this point, I’m just hanging on for dear life and trying to enjoy the ride.

A few days ago, the OM director of communications emailed me asking if I would be available to go to a week-long series of annual meetings in Istanbul, Turkey, for the ACFs (Area Communications Facilitators), of which I would be the European representative.

Of course, this would be a splendid opportunity to get to know my future co-workers, get my feet wet in OM communications and generally get a better idea of what to expect when I actually reach the field. There were only a few minor problems.

1) I don’t have funds to pack up and fly to Turkey at two week’s notice. 2) I don’t have any vacation time, and couldn’t use it anyway right in the middle of football/volleyball/cross country sub-state and regionals. 3) That falls on the first week of a huge evangelistic drama I do every year with my church. I had already committed to a position with a fair amount of responsibility, as one of the storytellers/narrators for the drama. 4) The flights out for the dates I had available were already booked.

So I told them, “No. There’s just no way to make it work.” But God continued to work on my heart, and I finally agreed to go if He would clear the way.

And He proceeded to do just that, with an effortlessness that would make you think He’s all-powerful and has infinite resources (which, of course, is true). Within the space of four days He had cleared my work schedule for that week, provided the flights I needed for a low enough rate that OM could purchase them, and given me the unequivocal blessing of my drama director to miss the first week of the drama for these meetings.

Wow. Incredible, huh? Nice to know He has things under control.

So, I ask for your prayers as I embark on this very spur-of-the-moment adventure, and will be updating you as often as is technologically possible.



Note: Istanbul and Constantinople are the same city. It was originally named Constantinople after the emperor Constantine, but was later given its current name. That’s why the song makes no sense.

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