A Heart-click Away


Clouds of faces, but they might well be empty skies

The words are the same, but I don’t know the voice

It’s not warm, like the smile of an old friend


They smile, they welcome, but they don’t see or know me

They help, they care, but they have their own lives to live

Trickling on after this leaf has come and gone


It’s a charming place, this stranger’s land

Old turf, old people, old grudges; narrow streets and life-long friends

A mug at the pub at a long day’s end


In the light I’m here, wandering through this stranger’s land,

Wondering where I left my red shoes

Playing the role I’m given in the complex film called life


But at night I drift, click my heels and I’m home again

Like a long-lost friend, like I’ve never been gone

And it’s laughter and familiar voices, warm like the hugs they give without thinking


It’s nights lit by blue screens, long talks and shared hearts

Pizza and mint tea in a pink comfy chair

Silences filled with words


It’s walking in doors and knowing you’ve come home,

It’s singing with the band and knowing every name, every story

Knowing your home is where your family lives


It’s meeting a friend and never getting lost,

Driving on roads I know like the lines on my hands

Walking blindfolded and not caring


Because you know, no matter where you go


There are other places, but they aren’t like home

There are other faces, but they don’t look like my own

There is other music, but it’s not down-home

There are other friends, but they’re planted, not grown


And when I wake up, go back to this stranger’s land

I have no birds in the bush, but one in each hand


My head knows home is far away

Past miles and oceans and way past teatime

But I know deep inside, if I really try


Home is really just a heart-click away



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lisa phillips says:

    Katie that is lovely. Miss seeing you on Sundays and I am praying for you, but this is good for you. You are growing deep roots, and now you know a few roads in another land and a few birds in the bushes are beginning to at least look familiar.
    Bless you child. Home sends a hug!

    1. krissakai says:

      Miss you too, Lisa! Give Whirly a big hug for me! (And get one for yourself). Blessings

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