Faces in My Places

Recently, I had a conversation with someone back in the States about trying to keep track of all the people I encounter often in my life across the pond in Carlisle, England. It got me thinking – it might be helpful for me to introduce just a few of these people to you, so when they show up in newsletters and blog posts you know who I’m talking about! So, without further ado…

Steph (housemate and British bestie!)  IMG_8147rv

I met this lovely lady at the first Vineyard small group I attended early last year. We’ve journeyed through so much together since then!  Thanks to Steph’s generosity, we got to enjoy a week in the Canary Islands last November, being refreshed and seeking the Lord together.

Something you should know about Steph is that she has an incredible voice and helps lead worship at Vineyard – and I get free concerts while she’s practicing at home!

Andy and Rhoda Fearon

These amazing people lead the Carlisle Vineyard church plant. They just overflow with love for people and love for Jesus, and are always challenging us grow in our faith and vision. IMG_8115Andy is always asking us questions, like, “What do you think God has for us today?” and “What do you think would make Carlisle Vineyard a viral church like the one in Acts?”

These are not rhetorical questions, either. He really wants to know what we “young’uns” think!  Rhoda is just a little Scottish fireball, going on an “offensive against fear” and reminding us that the big things begin in the little acts!

The McKays in Switzerland last year.

Bryce and Colleen McKay

Bryce is the executive producer of OMNIvision and basically tells me when I’m gonna hop on a plane and fly across the world. He’s a transplant from Sydney, Australia, who married a South African woman he met on the OM ship Doulos. They have two of the most adorable and busiest little boys I’ve ever met, who remind me of the baby sea turtle from Finding Nemo because I can’t understand most of what they say to me.

Jay Schipperjay

Jay is a videographer and photographer with OMNIvision (originally an Atlanta, Georgia native) and the person I call when I can’t get my phone/laptop/camera/other techy device to work.

He’s traveled to more countries than I can count and will be my co-traveler this year as we go all around the world capturing video footage and interviews to tell the story of what God’s doing through OM.

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