Haiti – Light in the Darkness

Haiti is a Caribbean island nation with some of the most beautiful tropical beaches in the world.

It’s also one of the poorest nations in the world, its people living for generations under the control of voodoo and spirit worship.

That’s starting to change as the power of the name of Jesus sets Haitians free from voodoo and gives them freedom and hope for the future.

This month myself and Jay, our OMNIvision videographer, had the privilege of going to Haiti to tell OM’s part of the story.



One of videos we will be producing tells the continuing story of the legacy of “Pastor Marc,” an OM native missionary who was killed two years ago in a robbery.

Pastor Marc planted a church in Merceron, a rural village that for many years had been a stronghold of voodoo worship.


Even though he was murdered before they were completed, Pastor Marc was instrumental in bringing the church, a school, and a chicken business project to fund the school into Merceron. He visited many voodoo priests in their homes and prayed for them.

One finally chose to accept Jesus Christ,  and many other people soon followed.

Now, two years after Pastor Marc’s death, we visited a church packed to overflowing. Just last month another voodoo priest left the area. Ten of his followers came to the church and accepted Christ.


“This is a great victory for the community,” said Adner Raymond, a Merceron church leader who was discipled by Pastor Marc.

Haitian Missionaries

Pastor Marc had a vision to mobilize the Haitian church into missions, and now that’s becoming a reality.

We interviewed two of six Haitians who are joining OM full-time this year. OM Haiti’s vision is to send missionaries to French-speaking North Africa.

“We have been receiving for a long time,” said Ludwig, a Haitian who leads OM’s ministry in Haiti. “Now it is time to send out with the Gospel so others can be saved.”


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