Photo Essay: Spring Blossoms

“The perfect blossom is a rare thing.” – Katsumoto, The Last Samurai

I love the first signs of spring.

Since I live in the Great Plains, it’s usually the vast green carpet of wheat sprouting in the fields, followed by flowering trees. There’s something about the delicate determination of fragile flowers reaching for the sky, undeterred by winter’s lingering chill, that gives my heart a spring-like feeling of hope.


When I first moved into my new home, a big 100-year-old farmhouse I share quite amicably with my best friend and her retired parents, I didn’t know there were so many beautiful flowering flora hanging around.

So I was pleasantly surprised not only by the pretty bushes along the driveway (above), but also by the apricot trees blooming in the orchard. I had to wait until a blue-sky sunshine-y day to snap these shots but it was worth it!

IMG_0713IMG_0719IMG_0715As it turned out, the first gorgeous spring day since the trees began to blossom a mutual friend and her two children came out to visit the farm! (They even wore overalls for the occasion). We all had such fun walking around, playing in the blossom “snow” falling from the trees, and of course petting the farm cats.

My favorite spring flower on the farm is this jewel, though. I have a shot of this bush blooming from two years ago that I made into a canvas print. It hung on my wall in England for a year and a half, a bit of indoor sunshine in my cloudy English life.


Photography by Katie Morford. All rights reserved.

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    I wish there were a love button somewhere on here…. 😉

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