Mexico: A colorful neighbor

I’ve traveled all over the world, but I’d never been to Mexico until a few weeks ago. Though most of the trip I saw the grittier side of the country due to my job filming a ministry to immigrants and trafficked persons, I still had a few opportunities to enjoy the beauty of this historic country.

Plus, I managed to continue my trend of accidentally visiting key Bond movie filming sites. You’ll see the central plaza in Mexico City (below, top) in the latest Bond film, SpectreIMG_0478rvwatermarkedIMG_0540rvwatermarkedIMG_0581rvwatermarked

The highlight for me, however, was not the grand plazas or historic churches built by the conquering Spaniards, but a quaint town over the mountains known as Puebla. We stayed in a hotel just off their central plaza, so my team and I were able to enjoy the Sunday night festivities, which were out full force!

Mexicans subscribe to the Latino time frame, which means that as we were eating supper at a sidewalk cafe on the main plaza at 9 p.m., the plaza was still alive with street entertainers, music, and families. Even parents with small children couldn’t miss out on this lively community atmosphere. It made for countless opportunities for my favorite travel pastime – people-watching.


My experience wasn’t just limited to the cities. I also visited several small, densely populated villages that gave me a taste of the flavor of rural life in Mexico.

The authentic experience came complete with a Mexican cowboy in hat and proper attire riding his gorgeous black horse through the countryside, with mountains and cacti picturesque in the background.

Alas, he must have been Zorro himself, since he vanished before I could take a picture.


Many of the stories told about this country feature its many problems and struggles. And those discussions are valid and have their place.

But it bears remembering that this country also has a long and beautiful cultural heritage we would all be blessed to enjoy. I’m thankful for Mexico, our colorful neighbor!


All photography by Katie Morford (Karis Waters). All rights reserved.

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