5 Autumn Staples for the Weary Writer

It’s that time of year again, the season of colorful leaves and walks in crisp fall air and bleary-eyed writers stabbing wearily at keyboards in a mad attempt to pound out a novel in a month.

The struggle is real, my friends. The struggle is real.

If you’re the unfortunate friend or family member of a writer burdened with glorious purpose (or perhaps the slightly deranged writer herself), here’s your handy-dandy list of must-have autumn staples to get you through to the season of sugar, sugar, and more sugar. Without further ado, number one on the list is…

#1. Coffee (and lots of it). 

I’ll admit, I’m a recently converted coffee drinker and a bit of a coffee snob. I somehow managed to make it through three years of journalism school and two years working in a newsroom without liking coffee. Shocking, I know.

Alas, espresso-brewed Mexican Chocolate coffee from Spice Merchant (doctored with milk and honey) turned out to be my Achilles Heel. I’ve recently discovered two perfectly divine blends called Arctic Spice and Vermont Maple that are brought to another level with a dollop of honey and a splash of pumpkin spice eggnog instead of milk. So. Good.

#2. Tea. 

green-teapotBecause isn’t the whole point of autumn to have an excuse to binge-drink your warm beverages of choice? Last year I bought an adorable little green loose-leaf teapot with matching Japanese-style teacups (one for you, one for me). I’m so excited that the weather is finally cooling down and I can once again indulge in my afternoon teatime.

Fruity and herbal teas are my type of choice (Spice Merchant has a fabulous option called Feng Shui), but I do go for the occasional black tea like Ginger Peach. I also love chai teas (or any red tea, really, which are also great for colds!) with milk, honey, and a squeeze of lemon for a little kick.

#3. A fuzzy, cozy blanket or throw. 

Can I just admit I have a problem? That’s the first step, right? I love cuddly throws. I collect them. At any given time, I have at least three or four laying around, just waiting for snuggles. My favorites at the moment are a light-weight knitted throw in duck egg blue (my fiance saw me eyeing it wistfully) and a sap green and cream geometric pattern throw from World Market, a.k.a. Can I Take The Store Home?

But, seriously. You can’t concentrate on writing if you’re cold. And nothing stirs up those creative juices like a cozy little snuggle on a rainy day. Amen? Amen.

new-name_final_amazon-2#4. A new book to read. 

Even if you’re hard at work pounding out the next bestseller that will change the industry as we know, even geniuses need a break sometimes! Rest your brain and pick up a fabulous reads.

One of my client’s novels, “New Name,” book 3 in a space opera trilogy by A.C. Williams, was chosen as a Realm Makers Realm Award finalist in the sci-fi category this summer. It’s a fantastic, gritty adventure with engaging characters and real heart – plus, a pay-off for the trauma of the last book!

#5. Boots for a crisp, fall walk.

Let’s be real. Sooner or later, you’re going to hit writer’s block and need to escape from your creative cave, if only for a few minutes. Plus, it’s been shown over and over again that a short walk in nature will do wonders for your creative muse, not to mention your stress levels!

So strap on your boots, go jump in some leaves, regain your perspective and then tromp on back to the house for a good book, a cuddly blanket, and a mug of your hot beverage of choice.

Ahhhh. It’s good for the weary writer soul.

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