Harry Potter Meets X-Men in 1940s England: A WIPjoy Summary

At the beginning of January, you may remember my post about #JaNoWriMo and #WIPjoy and marveled at the eccentricities that are writerdom. I’ve had a wonderful time this month chatting with authors and readers about my latest WIP (otherwise known as a work-in-progress) on social media, particularly about Twitter, and answering the daily challenge questions about my story.


Check out those questions. Aren’t they super fun? I started thinking. Some of my best and favoritest fans aren’t always on Twitter or social media. But they’d still probably enjoy all the little tidbits I’ve been posting about my super-fun new writing project! So, I decided to share my answers with you for this week’s blog post.

Intro Week: 

Day 1: My work-in-progress is a YA urban fantasy, Harry Potter meets X-Men in WWII England. A young girl discovers her special abilities and is sent to a school for children with special powers, powers Hitler and his cronies would seek to exploit. 

Day 2: Katrin is a shy, quirky girl raised by her strict grandmother and a household of servants. Her best friends live in her books.

Day 3: I start getting to know my characters by creating a Pinterest page for my characters and their world. But I really get to know them by writing.

Day 4: What happens when a bookish girl with special powers is evacuated from wartime London and sent to a school for the gifted?


Day 5: Writing this novel flows very naturally. The main character has a very distinctive voice!

Day 6: “Of course, you’re strange.” Amos shook her head and turned back to watch the goings-on. “Everyone here is.”

Day 7: I’m an author and editor of soft speculative fiction. My co-authored romantic suspense novel, Kenan, was published last year.

Relationship Week

Day 8: My main character’s best friend is a kick-butt tomboy with a disregard for rules and a love of chocolate biscuits.

Day 9: My dynamic trio of main characters end up as roommates at a school for children with special powers.

Day 10: No. No one suffering from a broken heart yet. They’re only 12. But I’m sure the teen angst will kick in soon enough! They’ve each suffered grief of a different sort.

Day 11: “Grandmother loves me like an ugly Christmas jumper given you by someone you’ve loved, so you can’t quite throw it in the rubbish.”

Day 12: Since I didn’t realize until last week that I didn’t actually have an antagonist (just a looming threat)…I have no idea what my antagonist’s past was like.

Day 13: Love and life are complicated. Relationships change because people change. Sometimes the ones who love us most, hurt us most.

Day 14: Katrin and her Grandmother don’t get along at all. Grandmother wants her to be a lady, not an adventure-seeking bookworm.


A “Few of my Favorite Things” Week

Day 15: My dialogue is clever and funny, with a strong voice and a distinctly British flavor and vocabulary. Also snark. Lots and lots of snark.

Day 16: I love how I describe things…with a clever and unique turn-of-phrase that drops the reader into the setting and sets the tone.

Day 17: I love how I depict characters…because creating characters is like making new friends and then going on adventures with them.


Day 18: “Grandmother’s eyes glinted a clear, cold blue like an icy pond. It was always winter and never Christmas in Grandmother’s eyes.”

Day 19: I love my world/setting because…it’s a magic/superpower school in an old manor house…in northern England…in the 1940s. What’s not to love?

Day 20: I’m shipping two older characters because there is past history, and I’m a sucker for happy ending love stories for old people.

Day 21: I’m most impatient to hear reader reactions to the Giftings and world building. I want it to delight them as much as it does me!

Protagonist Take-Over Week (Respond in their own words)

Day 22: Describe myself in five words? Awkward. Bookworm. Kind. Orphan. Telepathos.

Day 23: I’m only 12, and I’ve had a pretty boring life so far. I don’t know what I’d change about my past, but I wish I’d known my mum.

Day 24: I relax by curling up in a window seat in an old, musty library and reading my favorite books. And drinking tea, of course. 

Day 25: “There’s nothing for it. I’ll have to apologize.” And I did. And I made my best friends for life.

Day 26: I grew up in Oak Harbor, my Grandmother’s London townhouse, but I go to Switherton Abbey, a school for the Gifted in northern England.


Wrap-Up Week

Day 29:  I’ll probably be working on this WIP as a wrinkled granny, penning their adventures. Not really. But it feels like it.

Day 30: I want readers to know that what makes them different also makes them uniquely gifted to help others. Also, friends are important.

Day 31: My = Harry Potter meets X-Men in WWII northern England. A shy, bookwormish girl discovers her giftings and the power of friendship.


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