How to Create Your Author Brand (Pt. 1)

Your author brand is nothing more than your authentic story. 

Let’s set aside all the fancy talk of platforms and networking, fonts and social media strategies, logos and websites, brand archetypes and all the “expert advice.” Because none of that matters until you know your story.

You probably think your story is your book. Your words on the page. And you’d be partially correct. But that’s not your whole story. 

Your story is the experiences and struggles that inspired you to write your book. Your story is all the late nights and early mornings typing away while your kids slept. Your story is the hidden wounds you work through with your characters and the message in your heart you’re desperate for people to know.

You’re living your story right now. 

And the story that you’re living is just as important – if not more – than the story you’re telling in your books or novels.

Logos, fonts, graphic design – what we think of as “branding,” isn’t the hard part. In fact, when it comes to branding, simpler is almost always better. What’s really hard is owning up to your authentic story.

Your story must be authentic.

It must. There’s no way around it. Believe me. If there were, I would have found it. I’m naturally an introverted person who tends to be very private about my thoughts and feelings. I don’t like to admit to my mistakes. I cringe to think of showing everyone the oh-so-normal, all-too-real truth about my creative life. I shrink from telling the stories of the failures and the tears shed and my own painful ignorance.

It’s pretty messy, to be honest. Often I feel discouraged. Often I feel like I’m just throwing spaghetti at a wall and watching it splatter, hoping something will eventually stick.

But the messy is part of my story too. The hard and the hurtful, the doubts and defeats as well as the joys and victories. Without authenticity, you only have half a story. And everyone knows it.

When you know your story, then we can look at your brand. Because a brand is nothing more than a visual representation of you,  a visual way to tell your story.

So. What’s your story? 


Not sure where to start? Feeling lost and discouraged? Talk to me. Please. Don’t try and do this on your own. I can help you tell your story with clarity and confidence, whether on the page or through your author brand. 

Want to know more? Check back on Fridays this month for more posts on creating your author brand! 


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  1. Cyndy says:

    Great post!

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