Have you always wanted to write a book, but never knew where to start? Maybe you have a manuscript or two stowed away in your basement, but you’re ready to take the next step toward publication and becoming a creative professional. One thing’s for sure–it can be intimidating on your own.

Fiction Fundamentals Mentorship Course

“Fiction Fundamentals is a great course for any writer! The lessons really challenged me to evaluate my own work and Katie’s feedback was a great prompt to help me continue to improve. If you’re new to writing or struggling with an aspect of the craft, don’t hesitate to take this course!” – Claire Banschbach, writer and student

In each eight-week mentorship course I come alongside you and share what I’ve learned through a writing degree, multiple writing courses and mentorships, the publication process of my own novel, and my role as a freelance editor and managing content editor for independent publisher Crosshair Press. 

You’ll learn how to construct a powerful story, create characters your readers will love, trouble-shoot common problems I encounter as an editor, interact professionally in a very competitive publishing industry and get other people excited about your story!

How does it work? Each week I send you a short reading on the topic and one or more writing assignments. When you’ve completed the assignments and emailed them to me, I give feedback using Microsoft Word’s “Track Changes” and comments features. Then, I send the assignments with comments back to you and we discuss  any questions or clarifications.

Ready to take the next step? Spring 2018 enrollment is open now! Contact me.

(Part 1) Fiction Fundamentals—8 Weeks ($200 + $25 each for optional)

  1. Fiction Fundamentals: Know Your “Why”
  2. Story Structure: Premise, Message, and Three Acts
  3. Show vs. Tell
  4. Sympathetic Characters and Telling their Story
  5. Point-of-View and How (Not) to Use it Effectively
  6. Effective Villains and the Looming Threat
  7. Description and World-building: Using the 5 Senses
  8. Pacing and the Ticking Clock
  9. (Optional) Writing Book Series: Pulling It All Together
  10. (Optional) Flash Fiction, Short Stories, Novellas and Web Serials

(Part 2) The Advanced Fiction Writer—8 Weeks ($300)

  1. Your Authentic Voice
  2. Accepting Criticism (A.k.a Your Editor is Your Friend)
  3. Navigating the Publishing Industry
  4. Social Media and Marketing
  5. Blogging for Writers
  6. Newsletters and Building Your Tribe
  7. Nuts and Bolts for the Creative Business Person
  8. The Creative Life (Avoiding Burn-Out and Staying Inspired)

Other Resources

Author Pitch Toolkit - Twitter

Author Pitch Toolkit

The Author Pitch Toolkit is a FREE resource just for you!


It includes:

  • Synopsis template, tip sheet, and example
  • One-sheet template and example
  • Query letter template and example
  • Overall pitch tips
  • Glossary of Terms