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Ready to tell your story with clarity and confidence? 

jeff gerke headshot“Katie is a fantastic young editor, and I can’t wait to see what lies in her future.” Jeff Gerke; professional editor, Writer’s Digest contributor, multi-published author, and founder of Marcher Lord Press (now Enclave, owned by Gilead Publishing)


Writers aren’t meant to take this journey alone. As a writer myself, I know how hard it can be to receive feedback on your work or to see your book baby covered in red ink. I’ll come alongside you each stage of the process and help you identify how to improve your writing to tell the story you’ve been given to write.

12493589_10153123359261571_4974528206264261023_o“Katie goes out of her way to understand my message and get on the same page with me. She knows just the right questions to ask to help me take my characters from static concepts to living, breathing individuals who leap off the page. I would trust Katie with any story I’ve written, and I believe I’ve become a better writer through her honest evaluation of my work.” A.C. Williams, author of five published novels and co-founder of independent publisher Crosshair Press

Steve Barclift Headshot“Katie is one of the most talented and imaginative young writers I have ever known. She also has a servant’s heart. I highly recommend Katie’s work.” – Steve Barclift, Managing Editor at Kregel Publications and 2017 Golden Scroll Non-Fiction Editor of the Year


I love editing and helping other writers bring their story and characters to life! Will you let me help you? I can take your story to the next level. 

Coaching Services

Manuscript Consultation ($75 for 30-minute session)

  • Designed for authors dipping their toes into their first professional edit
  • Includes 30-minute video or phone consult
  • Gives feedback on novel outline guide to improve story structure
  • Designed to answer author’s questions, evaluate story basics, and make recommendations on what services would best suit their needs

I want to book now and take my story to the next level! 

Laura VAB“Katie is that most valuable of assets for a writer: a good listener who asks on-point questions. She’s keen on structure and knows how to save an author time and money with a little pithy planning. If you’re not sure if your idea is solid or if your plot arc is supported, invest a little time in a consult before you invest dozens or hundreds of hours in your work. It’s worth it.” – Award-Winning Author Laura VanArenDonk Baugh

Writing Craft or Career Coaching ($150/hr for individual session)

  • A great resource for writers of any experience level
  • An opportunity to receive personalized feedback and answers to tough craft and manuscript questions
  • A personalized brainstorming session designed to fix problem points in a manuscript and help a writer move ahead with confidence

12232782_539219216245779_6251484058513023387_o“Katie was immensely helpful in pinpointing problem spots with my book and advising me on issues I might run into with my world building and characterization. She knows how to ask the right questions, and gave me a lot of spot-on feedback, even without reading the whole story.” – Author and #WIPjoy host Bethany Jennings


You don’t have to take this journey alone. Book now for answers to your tough craft and manuscript questions! 

* Coaching packages coming soon!

DISCOVER: Your brand, Your story.

($699 for five 1:1 one-hour sessions)

DISCOVER is a strategic coaching intensive designed to identify your audience, simplify your unique story, and empower you to connect with your readers so you can tell your story with clarity and confidence!

For years I struggled to connect with my audience and consolidate my interests into a consistent brand. I was stuck in an incredibly frustrating and confusing loop of trying the latest marketing tactics, yet never feeling like my brand truly represented me. Finally, I discovered the power of my authentic story to develop a brand that fit and resonated with my audience. You can do the same.


Schedule your FREE 30-minute Discovery call today and take the first step to telling your story with clarity and confidence through author branding.

“I can’t say enough about this. I have always struggled to figure out how this branding stuff worked for my writing, and Katie helped me sort it out. If you need direction, talk to her. It’s useful, not scary, and actually fun.” – A.C. Williams, multi-published author and co-founder of indie publisher Crosshair Press. 

Editing Services

Comprehensive Critique ($0.015/wd) 

  • Read the whole manuscript and provides story notes based on a rubric
  • Look at the “big picture” of your story and identifies structural problems
  • Address character, culture, point-of-view issues and author voice
  • Writer receives 2-5 pages of notes and 30 minute video or phone consult

14991912_1318836748150528_1700567478194322008_n“After talking with a handful of other editors, I quickly realized Katie’s talent was exactly what I needed to take my writing to the next level. Without reading more than my first chapter and outline, she was able to fix an underlying issue I’d been struggling with for months.” – Writer Noelle Nichols

* Connect with me for a bid for your word count.

Content/Developmental Edit ($0.03 per word)

  • Focuses on structural problems, character development, themes and voice
  • Designed to improve the writer’s craft as well as the manuscript
  • Writer receives manuscript back with extensive notes
  • Focuses on preparing a manuscript for line edits

Not sure if you’re ready for an edit, what kind of edit you need, or if we’re a good fit? Contact me for a FREE 30-minute consult and sample edit! 

20264990_255489428301951_4198565330254215615_n“With clever, concise questions, Katie digs down to the roots of storytelling craft and gives you a blueprint for growth. If you want your book to reach its full potential, I can’t recommend Katie highly enough!” – Writer Jacqueline Patterson

Line Edit ($0.02 per word) 

  • Goes line-by-line to evaluate flow, pacing and word choice
  • Addresses formatting issues, descriptions, conciseness and tension
  • Is designed to polish a manuscript for publication

Not sure if you’re ready for an edit, what kind of edit you need, or if we’re a good fit? Contact me for a FREE five-page sample edit! 

Mollie ReederKatie genuinely understands craft and knows how to ask the right questions to take a story to the next level.  Katie’s advice is both encouraging and uncompromising – exactly what authors need. Talking with her is always energizing and leaves me filled with great new ideas!” Mollie Reeder, writer and filmmaker

Hourly Rates ($40/hr; blog posts, non-fiction editing, and article-writing only)

  • Ideal for authors who don’t have time to blog regularly
  • Designed for clients looking for non-fiction and article writing/editing
  • Web content (contact me for a quote)

Other Services


My passion is helping writers succeed and improve in their craft. If you’d like me to edit your work, but need more information, please feel free to contact me! I also offer a FREE five-page sample edit to first-time clients so you can get to know me and my editing style.

Not yet ready for a manuscript edit or consult? You might be interested in my eight-week personalized writing mentorship course, designed to help you learn your craft and prepare for publication.

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