10 Reasons You’ll Love the American Midwest

* Author note: Photographs for 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9 were borrowed for illustrative purposes. All other photos on this post and blog are my own.  When people return to their home culture after living or traveling abroad, it’s common for them to critically view many aspects of their home culture. This is normal. But…

Transform 2014 Promo Video

This past summer I had the incredible privilege of doing communications for the Transform conference and outreaches  in the Mediterranean, and being featured in the 2014 promo video. Check it out. Be inspired.

World Through My Lens

I’ve been back in the States for two months now, and it’s that time again. The time when everyone asks what’s next! Nice thing is, I have an answer. If you’ve been keeping up with my previous posts this past year, I referred several times to my work with OMNIvision, OM’s video and events ministry….

The Big is in the Small

How can I even begin to reflect on everything God has done in and through me this past year? My faith, endurance and mental stability have been tested and stretched in ways I never imagined possible (like when I discovered my laptop missing at 5 a.m. in the Moscow airport, and its miraculous return via…

10 Easy Steps to Renewing Your Passport

I hate paperwork. It is not my gift. Or inclination. Or anything I’m remotely good at – it makes my creative brain cry big fat tears. But since I’m back my native Kansas for a few months to renew my passport/visa and raise financial support, I’m getting a lot of paperwork out of the way….

“No good way to get to Siberia…”

Hello, friends! Not to worry, I didn’t get exiled to Siberia (though I did have quite an interesting visit there). This month I’m talking about lessons learned at the GO training conference in the Netherlands, plus stories and photos from Russia and my parent’s visit in September. Enjoy! Read my Aug-Sept Newsletter here.

Beauty of Greece

Hello, dear friends! Wow, what an eventful month and a half or so it’s been. Since we last chatted I’ve been to Sweden, Greece, Edinburgh (Scotland) and toured London (on holiday) plus all the usual craziness. And this Friday I’m flying out again for a week-long conference in Italy (the Transform conference, where I was…